Corporate Social Responsibility


APG & CO‘s approach to corporate and social responsibility is founded on the principles of integrity, respect, accountability, sustainability and improvement. These principles govern how we enact and advance our Code of Conduct.


APG & CO prides itself on quality and craftsmanship and recognises the vital role performed by our suppliers in order to achieve this.

Labour and Human Rights/Ethical Business Practice

APG & CO actively supports a Code of Conduct which values and complies with human rights and social justice standards. Our intent is to engage with suppliers to ensure recognised labour and human rights are respected and met, environmental impacts are avoided or minimised to protect the environment, and ethical behaviours are adopted across all of our operations, including those of our suppliers, as part of our commitment to improving social compliance standards.

To achieve this we expect the following of our suppliers in relation to local labour laws:

  • Factories must provide safe and fair working conditions free from harassment for all their workers (and living conditions if applicable);
  • Employees must meet the minimum age requirement;
  • Employee working hours and overtime legislation must be complied with;
  • Employee wages must meet at least the minimum requirement
  • Employment is freely chosen.

Additionally we expect the following of our suppliers:

  • Factories must comply with local Environmental laws;
  • Suppliers must not use Toxic Carcinogenic Chemicals during any of the production processes used in the manufacture of their goods. APG & CO randomly test orders every month to ensure no toxic chemicals are present on our products;
  • Not to engage in unauthorised out-sourcing of our production. This ensures that our products are not produced in factories that do not operate within our Code of Conduct;
  • Not to incentivise (i.e. gift) APG & CO in order to receive preferential treatment;
  • Notify APG & CO as and when any form of conflict of interest arises.


APG & CO takes its responsibility very seriously, striving to encourage only the most ethical business practices and always aiming to improve. Our teams are regularly in the field, during which time they inspect the conditions at factory level to ensure that they are operating within acceptable working practices.