We are customer obsessed


We are a Collective

Creative, supportive, better together

We Thrive on Change

Nimble, curious, we never settle

We Play to Win

Our customer experience, our product, our quality is what matters

We are Built to Last

Responsible, resilient, Proud of our heritage

APG & Co


For over 50 years, APG & Co. has curated a collection of Australia’s great fashion brands. Our purpose is to grow these brands and guide their evolution to be at the forefront of Australian fashion.

As a custodian for Australian fashion, our role is to celebrate our heritage and to allow our brands to express themselves in contemporary, relevant and authentic ways. We are proud of our achievements to date and relentlessly strive for continual success in the future.

We have an unwavering commitment to design and quality across all aspects of our business. this commitment, when coupled with our creativity and passion allows us to bring great brands to life in engaging and surprising ways.